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Hose and Fitting Products in Antigonish

Ed's Plumbing & Heating Ltd is the preferred hose and fitting store in Antigonish. We supply quality products from established brands and would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us for over 37 years. Our exclusive range of v-belts from brands such as Jason, Global, Gates and D&D Power Drive are among our specialty products. We also carry a variety of hoses, compression fittings and water tote fittings at affordable rates. We work with both homeowners and contractors.


At Ed’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd, you will find an old-school plumbing shop atmosphere but assured customer service well beyond any big box store. Our team leaves the tubs, showers and high-end fixtures and trim to the customer’s choice. Feel free to discuss your needs and we’ll be right back with an effective solution.

Products On Sale

View our list of plumbing, heating, tubing and fitting products on offer:

Jason, Global, Gates and D&D Power Drive v-belts for lawn tractors, mowers and various other uses

Aluminum cam-lock fittings for quick connections

Black iron and galvanized pipe and fittings (1/8” – 4”)

Copper pipe and fittings (1/2” – 3”)

Copper tubing and flared and compression fittings (1/8”- 7/8”)

General-purpose red rubber hose and fittings (3/8” – 1-1/2”)

Lay flat discharge hose (1-1/2” and 2”)

PVC clear braided hose (1/4” – 1-1/2”)

PVC clear vinyl hose (1/2”-3/4”)

PVC suction hose (1”-2”)

Dishwasher drain and supply hoses

Washing machine supply hoses

Water tote connections

pipe fitting and cutting tools

Hoses, Pipes, Fittings & More!

Get a wide selection of tubing and fitting products as per your requirements.

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